Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Portraits Made Simple

Brian and I had been looking into purchasing a good DSLR camera for a long time.  We kept holding out for a good deal and kept our eyes peeled for reviews etc.  Brian finally decided on the Pentax K-x DSLR camera and we used some of our tax return to buy it.  It's been so fun getting to know how to use the camera and playing around in Photoshop.  The best part about owning a good camera is that you won't ever have to pay for getting family and child portraits again!  That was our main reason we wanted to get the camera in the first place.   Of course you need to read on how to properly use a DSLR camera and how to use the one you have especially.  I'm still learning and it's really fun.  Also with digital cameras, you can take a gazillion pictures and delete the ones you don't like later.

Yesterday I had a blast out on the Greenway shooting Wesley.  I played around with the settings and tried to learn all about my lens.  It's a manual focus (meaning the camera doesn't do it for you) so it's a bit hard when you're trying to shoot kids who move quickly (IE Wesley).   It is a 50mm f/1.8 Pentax lens.  We also have the kit lens and a zoom.  I did end up with some really good shots though.  I will post some of them below.  I also like to print a bunch of these for albums and to put on the walls.  I like Snapfish or Shutterfly and you can often find deals on the cost of prints or get free photobooks too.  Enjoy the pictures :)


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