Monday, May 16, 2011


Curtis having fun in the tub.

I'm behind on my posts! {Big surprise}

Oops, looks like I've been slacking on my posts.  Sorry!  I'll try to do better.  Also, if I forget a "B" when I type, it's because the key fell off (thanks Wesley) and won't go back on.  Super.  Replacement should be here as soon as I can send this one back.

Wesley got a haircut.  I cried cutting off his "clown curls" but he looks more respectable now.

Curtis's new haircut!

Nakey time.  Not great lighting, but just a quick snapshot.

B mounted the TV up here a couple months ago.  I love having it up there so there aren't as many fingerprints on it ;).  Also notice he did a matching cord concealer :).

Thursday, May 12, 2011

9/365 and 10/365

Every day he has at least one smoothie.  This kid is addicted.

This is what happens when I forget to take a picture all day.  Sorry B.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

7/365 and 8/365

Baby Marie, almost 6 months old.

Look, I can grow something!  Grass and Marigolds.
If you have been to my house in the last 2 years, you'd know we used to have a bed of pebbles lining this sidewalk.  At first, it looked great, we had solar garden lanterns in it, the pebbles were white and it was really nice.  Well, that faded fast.  Within a few months the pebbles started turning red like the clay whenever it would rain.  Then the weeds and grass grew in it and of course the children would NOT stop taking the pebbles out of it and throwing them everywhere.  This year, I started by digging up the pebbles.  Well, since we had taken dirt out to put them in, there was a huge gaping trough around the "grass" patch.  The grass also wasn't growing, much like the rest of our pathetic front lawn.  I made the executive decision to scrape the entire top layer off of this area and start fresh.  I started it and Brian finished it.  Then we planted grass seed and watered it like crazy.  Of course, before it sprouted, a huge torrential downpour came and washed away half the seed!  Good thing we bought a lot of seed.

Now we have this!  It's not all the way filled in yet, but it is nearly "mowable" now!  If we could just get the rest of our lawn to do this, we'd be all set.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Samson, our neighbor's dog
How cute is this dog, honestly?  I love this little guy.  He's blind and our neighbor's rescued him from being put to sleep.  He's a lovely purebred Collie and he's so fun and spunky.  We play with him every day outside :).


Wesley with wild hair, doing what he likes best.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Curtis on the way home from dinner on Cinco De Mayo

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ok, so I'm posting the next day of the previous day.  So, I'm not very good at keeping this updated.  I promise I'll post day 4 before the clock hits midnight tonight!

Curtis, my big boy.  4 seems so old!
Here's another couple cute pix from yesterday.

Boy and his dog.

Wesley, Girl Curtis (Rowan) and Boy Curtis eating dinner.  Brian took the pic when Hannah and I were on a run.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Wesley's curls are out of control!  So cute though.  I really love my curly headed boys.
PS: I promise tomorrow to post a pic of Curtis.  He will NOT hold still to save his soul.

Monday, May 2, 2011

How they've grown!

Curtis and Wesley have grown so much over the last couple years.  Looking back at pictures, here are a few from when Wesley was born, around his first birthday and now.  They both look so big!
September 2009
Wesley, 1 week old
Curtis at Christmas time
Wesley at Christmas time
Both this past week

I really cannot believe how fast they are growing!  I'm really really happy that we got this camera last year.  I've taken so many great shots to capture the moments with my 2 cuties.  I cry thinking about the fact that I didn't get a DSLR sooner!  They are a life saver with kids.  I realize I can't freeze time, but at least I can create sweet photographs to remember when they were small.

Project 365

I went to a class on photography yesterday and let me tell you, I thought I knew a lot about my camera already, but I learned so much more!  I'm so excited to get started taking better pictures.  She suggested that we start a 365 project.  One picture for a year so we can get good practice in with our camera.

This is my first picture for my 365 project.  Let's see how much better I get by next May 2nd!

Also I am going to switch the focus of my blog a little bit more to encompass what's going on with the family and my photography hobby etc.  I hope you all will enjoy it :).