Tuesday, May 10, 2011

7/365 and 8/365

Baby Marie, almost 6 months old.

Look, I can grow something!  Grass and Marigolds.
If you have been to my house in the last 2 years, you'd know we used to have a bed of pebbles lining this sidewalk.  At first, it looked great, we had solar garden lanterns in it, the pebbles were white and it was really nice.  Well, that faded fast.  Within a few months the pebbles started turning red like the clay whenever it would rain.  Then the weeds and grass grew in it and of course the children would NOT stop taking the pebbles out of it and throwing them everywhere.  This year, I started by digging up the pebbles.  Well, since we had taken dirt out to put them in, there was a huge gaping trough around the "grass" patch.  The grass also wasn't growing, much like the rest of our pathetic front lawn.  I made the executive decision to scrape the entire top layer off of this area and start fresh.  I started it and Brian finished it.  Then we planted grass seed and watered it like crazy.  Of course, before it sprouted, a huge torrential downpour came and washed away half the seed!  Good thing we bought a lot of seed.

Now we have this!  It's not all the way filled in yet, but it is nearly "mowable" now!  If we could just get the rest of our lawn to do this, we'd be all set.

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