Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yard work

I'm embarassed to say that we've lived here for going on 5 years now and we are just not putting more effort into our lawn.  Other than the mowing, pulling weeds, planting flowers, we really haven't kept up on our lawn and plant bed maintenance.  Regretting that now, bc we have SO much work to do.

We killed all the weeds, tore out a bunch of bushes (with help from neighbors), aerated the lawn, tore up the moss (LOTS, UGH) and put seed down. I'm happy to say that most of the seeded areas are looking pretty good.  Some still need work, but we got a free load of fill dirt today to help cover some of the areas that have not sprouted grass.  If it would JUST RAIN ALREADY, we'd be in perfect shape.  Not liking having to water it all by hand 2x a day.

Grooming up the lawn and making it look green and healthy has really helped the overall appearance of our house.  It's like night and day.  Brian also is constructing a barrier around our tree in the front.  I will take a picture now and another when it's finished to show you what it looks like.  It's looking amazing already.

Help me do a rain dance or pray for rain, whatever is your cup of tea, so we can get out of this drought condition we're in already.  It's not looking good for the summer.

I really enjoy working outside with plants, flowers, etc, so it's been fun for me.

Curtis= Safety first.

My men finishing up unloading the dirt.  (Neighbor's truck)

Beginning of the barrier wall

Freshly trimmed tree and new grass.

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