Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog re-do

I feel like I give enough updates on my kids/life on Facebook and my Cafemom account.  Blogging about just my family life seemed redundant!  Right?  I mean, who needs to see what I'm up to on FB and a blog?  No one is that obsessed with me... er I hope not at least.

Trying to create a new blog.  My focus is going to be on how to live a simple life.  Natural living tips, shopping tips on how to save money, how to raise your family God centered and how to live a joyful life.  I love blogs on saving money, like couponing, but I've found out that a lot of times the products that you can get for a good deal just aren't things I normally buy or really need 100 of etc... Know what I mean?  IE Slickdeals, yeah, it's good for finding a good deal once in a while, but really I find that I spend MORE money when I use blogs or forums like that because they are always talking about this deal and that deal and it makes me want it bc it's such a "good deal" right?  Ugh... bad for my budget for sure.

Any tips on saving money are just going to be on things I buy everyday.  Groceries, cloth diaper related things, detergent, natural foods etc...  Anyone who has tips can let me know and I'll add them.  My husband has made an awesome spreadsheet we use for budgeting.  He's better at doing the budget than I am, I'm just responsible for sticking to it and trying to find the best bargains.  Sure, I'd love to go out and buy all new clothes for myself and the kids and him, but really there's no need!  Hand me downs are great!  Consignment sales are the bomb and my life is simpler with LESS "stuff" involved.  The more "stuff" I have the more cluttered my life is and it's really no good for anyone.

I'm also a firm believer in the WAHM!  I love to support my fellow mommies in their businesses and will often post about them and reviews for their products.  Made in the USA is not as common as it once was, so this is important to me :).

I am striving to bring my children up with a good relationship with God.  I never really had a "relationship" with Him growing up and I really want that for my kids and my marriage.  We started going to a church that's on the edge of our neighborhood and we really like it.  We're going to get involved in a community group and I look forward to possibly going on missions trips.  It's a dream of mine to go, so I would really love to soon!

Ok, now that I've written a book I'll try to start a real blog entry later today about some things on my mind for the week.  Thanks for reading!

This is a recent pic of Wesley!  He's getting so big and walking now (not all the time)  I know I said this blog isn't about my kids (only) but I have to add some cute pix right?
This is a cool picture of my mom and her horse Monty.  Isn't he awesome?  My mom is what inspires me to live naturally and look out for me and my family's health and well being.

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