Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frugal Vacations

This is going to be a short post since I'm getting ready to go on vacation.  Hence the reason for this topic for my blog ;)  Every 2 years (sometimes every year) we go to Surfside Beach, South Carolina.  It's such a fun place and we've been going since I was 3.  We started going with my grandparents when we were younger, but soon moved on to goind with our friends, the Snyders.  A few years passed and we added the Fitzgeralds to the beach crew.  This year, even the Hutson's are coming (at least some of them are).  I'm so excited and I love going every year.

Recently, the beach has been a place for big Zuk announcements. Note: Zuk is the term for the Thiergartners, Snyders, Fitzgeralds and Hutsons combined.  In 2004, Katy and Doug got engaged.  In 2006, we announced our first pregnancy when we were expecting Curtis.  In 2008, Katy had just had Jillian... so, that's not an announcement, but something momentous, right?

Anyway, back to my original topic for this blog, frugal vacations.  Here's in list form what I do to keep the cost of vacation down while still having a ton of fun.

1) Fill up at the cheapest gas station before you go to the beach.  Gas at the beach is so pricey!
2) Take as many groceries with you as you can fit into your cooler.  Groceries tend to be pricey there too, plus you know what foods are your favorites and what things you just can't live without that you might not be able to find there.
3) Cook as many meals as possible in the condo/house instead of going out.  We go out to eat for dinners maybe 3x at the beach.  One nicer place and 2 places that are more like "Applebees" prices.
4) Stay in a house that can accommodate huge numbers of crazy people.  This year, we chose the Watson, again.  It's so fun and we love the location.  I believe this house is suited for 12, and we'll have roughly 12-14 people staying in the house.  There are 19 going, but this year we got an extra condo to house a few extras so we're not so cramped.
5) Carpool to the beach from Charlotte.  We plan to ride together in less cars so a) All the cars at the beach have a spot to park in the shade and b) Cheaper transportation

I love going to the beach with the Zuks.  I would eventually like to try to vacation in other spots, but this is, right now, the most economical for us and we always have so much fun.  I always get bored on vacations without all my Zuks there... it's just not the same.  I love them so much!   I know, I've blogged about them before, but I really love them all :)

I don't know about any of the other Zuks, but I am READY for some rafting!!!

Here are some pictures.

Please add comments about what you do to have a frugal vacation.

My dad's favorite activity, lounging in the ocean.

Lynn was crying when we told her that we were expecting :)  June 2006.

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